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Presentation of the book EGYPT, A Journey to the Nile at the Ecali Club in Athens, Greece

My great love for Egypt and my many travels throughout the country inspired me to write the travel novel “A Journey to the Nile" which I had the pleasure to present at the Ecali Club. Many friends assisted in the event and we travelled together to the places where the English heroine of the book lives her many adventures. The presentation was at the same time a lecture. I colourfully narrated various stories about the archaeological sites on the banks of the Nile, stories that struck me when I had visited and which I was surprised to see my friends following with great interest.

As long as the presentation lasted, it was as if I were in the oases of the desert; on the banks of the Nile with its biblical images; in the bustling atmosphere of Cairo with its oriental bazaars, palaces and mansions; in the fields with the fellahs; in the beautiful hotels that belonged to another era and were situated along the banks of the river; and, last but not least, deep within the world of the heroes of my book.

When the lecture ended and I heard the enthusiastic applause of the friends, I realized that I was not in my beloved Egypt but in the delightful ambience of the Ecali Club, with its flawless organization regarding the event.

A warm thank you to the Club's management and to all the friends who lovingly embraced my new book: EGYPT, A Journey to the Nile, which will be translated in English in the near future.

Read more about the book : ΑΙΓΥΠΤΟΣ, Πέρασμα στον Νείλο

EGYPT, A Journey to the Nile

EGYPT, A Journey to the Nile