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Lecture on INDIA at the PYRNA Cultural Association, Athens, Greece

With India always in my heart and during a fragrant English tea at the PYRNA Cultural Association in the beautiful, verdant suburb of Kifissia, north of Athens, we enjoyed a unique journey to Rajasthan with the theme of the Maharajas, as experienced through their rich history, fabulous palaces, splendid fortresses and colourful bazaars, all combined in a wonderful mosaic of images taken from the fairy tales.

I communicated to the dearest friends of PYRNA the beauty of this magical country, seen through my eyes, and I was truly happy when, at the end of the lecture, distant INDIA entered their hearts as if they, too, had been there. It was so natural! My speech was guided by the spirit of INDIA with its ancient cultures and traditions. My words were just an expression of this.

Immersed in the delicious ambience of the villa lounge where PYRNA is housed and embraced by the meticulous care of the management, I felt at home.

A warm thank you to the ladies’ hospitality.

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The author in Udaipur, India

The author in Udaipur, India