Cruising on the Ocean Majesty

“On board, wrapped in a delicious atmosphere”


«It was a wonderful opportunity for a voyage in the seas that Venetian galleys crossed on their way to the Eastern Mediterranean only to return to the Serenissima. From the Aegean Sea, to the Ionian Sea, on to the Adriatic and finally to our wonderful entrance in Venice.

My mind’s virtual embrace by the city that once ruled over Santorini, was followed by the tangible embrace of the Ocean Μαjesty cruise-ship...»


A cruise on the Aegean and Adriatic seas with the jewel cruise ship OCEAN MAJESTY, and the passion of a traveller looking beneath the surface of what most people see.

An attractive atmosphere and a wonderful hospitality meet the magic of Southern Europe’s natural beauty, sealed with the splendour of its civilizations.

“A must-read book for any true traveller”